Friday, October 18, 2019

To You

To you, yep you.
The one who takes life for granted.
Who thinks everything is supposed to be handed to her (or him).
Who counts everyday more as a luxury, something to take advantage of,
Rather than to be grateful for

To you
The one who thinks things can’t happen to them
Or are not supposed to happen to them
Because they’ve already been through the worse life has to offer
(and that not of their own doing)
It was somebody else’s fault (and you let them know it).
Or when the challenges do come
think of them lightly
As just another mountain to climb
just another stumbling block to jump,
Just another badge to achieve
For YOU To brag about
Not giving God the glory
You didn’t do it.

To you
The one who appears to be friendly
To so many but heartless to those in real need
Do you really know what it’s like to be alone?
Would you even know what to do if you were alone?
But you’d rather not find out.
Takes too much time.

To you
Living the life, your best life
Careless and carefree
Receiving whatever life has to offer
And only giving back what the spotlight allows
You might have been hit
But life goes on.  It has to, right?
 “I have my own life to live---
My own struggles to get through.”
Don’t we all.
“I mean, I don’t know her anymore,
“I don’t know her directly
“This doesn’t affect me
In any way shape, or form”

To you---
You see.
We are all in this world together
Oh, we may not all live together
We may not all know each other
But in some way, what one experiences
Shape the experiences of someone else.
And that someone else
May affect someone else
And eventually in some way, that experience of that someone else
may come back and have an effect on you
Or affect you.
Directly.  Or indirectly.

So to you…
I pray that it is never your child that is stripped from your circle.
I pray that it is never your child you have to witness to take his last breath.
I pray that you never know the pain that accompanies waking up learning that a child you gave birth to is no longer on the earth.
I pray that you never have to realize that the physical birth, that physical pain when you gave birth is nothing in comparison to the pain that you will feel when your child is separated from you on the earth. 
I pray all this for you. 
And write this to you.

In the shadow of grief,
Joseph’s mom.

Copyright ©2019 EvelynFannell